British Vogue November 2022 [Back Issue]

British Vogue November 2022 [Back Issue]

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British Vogue, Vogue UK

Issue Month: November 22 /Nov 22

Cover featuring: Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II
Please note that due to the nature of the cover copies are subject to slight  imperfections. 

"#BritishVogue’s November 2022 issue celebrates the life and legacy of Her Majesty the Queen, Britain’s longest-reigning sovereign. In tribute, a royal purple envelopes the new issue as a special commemorative cover. For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, it is a farewell from Vogue. More than that, it is a thank you.

In its 106-year history, British Vogue has registered the passing of three monarchs, commemorating the loss of George V in 1936, George VI in 1952 and now Elizabeth II, each with a royal purple cover."



Category: Fashion & Lifestyle

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