Click & Collect / Reservations Fee Policy

We have updated our Reservation Fee policy, which will be in effect from May 2023.

‘Reservations’ are either orders placed via our website using ‘Click & Collect’ at checkout, or orders placed over the phone without delivery - for collection at a later date. 

We are able to keep any paid for magazines aside for collection, without any fees - up to the end of every calendar month. For example, any orders placed during May – (whether May 1st or May 17th) – are held  fee free until the end of May.

When will my paid order accumulate Fees?
You will have until the first week of the following calendar month to arrange delivery or collection for your reserved orders. 

Fees will start to accumulate at the close of business on the Friday of this week and each Friday thereafter, should your order not be collected. 

How much are the reservation fees?
A £2 late collection fee will be accumulated at the end of each week your order is not collected.


Orders placed in
May (1st-31st)
1st week of June 
2nd week of June
3rd week of June
4th week of June

No fee

*if collected by the end of the month

£2 fee accumulated by close of business on Friday 4th June
£2 fee accumulated by close of business on Friday 11th June
£2 fee accumulated by close of business on Friday 18th June
£2 fee accumulated by close of business on Friday 25th June


How do I pay for my reservation fees?
A payment of all accumulated fees (if applicable) will be required upon collection. This can be done via card in store or paid in advance via phone/online.

If you are no longer able to collect your order and have decided to have your magazines delivered, any fees accumulated will be added to your delivery charge.

What if I forget about my order?
You will receive weekly reminders via email of any reserved orders. This will also include detailed information of our opening times so that you are aware when you are able to collect your order. 

If your order begins to accumulate any reservation fees this will also be noted in your ‘Reservation Reminder’ email.

If your order is still not collected when your collection fees reach £8.00, your order will be automatically refunded with a deduction of the collection fees. If you order does not exceed the £8.00 collection fee, we will issue a full refund. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team directly.