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2020 proved to be a year that pushed the boundaries of what we may have thought possible within the pages of a fashion magazine.

Fashion legend and popular culture has engrained in us all an idea of how the pages of a fashion magazine come together, albeit perhaps a romanticised one. Creative minds coming together in a frenzy to join in one singular creative vision, filling the pages of our favourite titles with wonder and inspiration.

So: what was going to happen when this entire formula, this entire practice and industry, was spun on its head? Once the pandemic hit, the countless people and minds required to fill these pages could no longer be in the same room together, let alone the same country.

Vogue Hong Kong March 2021, Vogue Greece March 2021, Vogue Mexico March 2021 and Vogue Singapore March 2021

Of course, one year into this pandemic we now know the creative capabilities of the teams behind the titles we know and love. Limitations and barriers almost seem to have become open doors: “how?” has moved from a question of frustration and worry, to a question of possibility and excitement. How could technology impact and enhance our experiences, how could we involve creatives and minds never used before, how could young and new voices be championed louder than before?

It is this spirit which the March issues of all 27 international editions of Vogue hope to capture and celebrate. These issues strive to highlight the incredible work individuals all across the fashion and creative industries have managed to achieve in the face of adversity.

Vogue Taiwan March 2021, Vogue Ukraine March 2021, Vogue US March 2021 and Vogue Japan April 2021

Speaking further on the united vision for the March issues Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue US and Global Content Advisor, further notes that;

“Historically speaking, times of hardship often give way to a renaissance of sorts as people seek out new solutions to both the new and pre-existing challenges we face. For the March 2021 issues of Vogue, the decision was made to unite and explore this notion, using our global platforms to celebrate the courageous artisans, innovators, and big thinkers who believe in a brighter, fairer future for all.”

Vogue Netherlands March 2021, Vogue Italia March 2021, Vogue Korea March 2021 and Vogue Russia March 2021
After the success of the September 2020 theme of ‘Hope,’ the theme of ‘Creativity’ has us very excited to see how each title will respond to the prompt.
You can shop the March issues of Vogue here

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