L'UOMO VOGUE: The Generations Issue

“The issue and it's covers explore the relationships, both oppositional and complementary, between the different generations and the individuals – all of us – who are part of them.” 

The latest issue of L’UOMO moves through multiple different generations of men, each portraying ideas and perceptions of masculinity from the perspective of the generation in question. The issue highlights both the similarities and differences between each generation, which indeed at times are complex relationships.  L’UOMO explores in its pages how each generation informs the next, in fashion, music, culture and more.

Posing as the eldest generation, L’UOMO speak to cultural icon, John Waters. 

With a career spanning half a century, John Waters is the first of L’UOMO’s generations to take to the stage. A self-described “Filth Elder,” Waters’ ever present joyous and undimmed rebellious spirit is captured by Ethan James. Now aged 74, “Waters takes delight in seeing (his careers) influence on fresh generations of cultural iconoclasts.” 

Next up,  Vladimir McCrary. You may know McCrary from his wide range of  career paths; professional basketball player, poet, 1990s supermodel, movie  star, and father. What better way to accessorise a man who has played his way through so many careers, than with play objects? L’UOMO and McCrary explore the concept and necessity of play – “Play is yoga for the soul: it keeps our perspective limber, curious, flexible and open – youthful, in fact – whatever our age or generation.”

Known to most as second child of David and Victoria Beckham, L’UOMO’s next cover star is the up-and-coming Romeo Beckham.

 Romeo, aged 18, is arriving at the next stage of his life. Fresh from adolescence, Beckham’s editorial debut marks the young models first foray into forging his own identity in the world. 

And finally, L’UOMO look to the youngest generation. Photographer Anne Geddes captures twins Jaxon and Jei, “to represent our common starting point, the innocence of childhood.” For Jaxon and Jei, the world is ahead of them, with all the influence of the generations gone by yet to be experienced.  For L’UOMO, Jaxon and Jei’s generation offer a feeling of hope, a promise of a bright future.  

You can purchase your copy of L'UOMO here

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