Billie Eilish, Vanity Fair March 2021

“In the last year, Billie Eilish scored five Grammys, went multiplatinum eight times, released the new Bond theme, and had to cancel a world tour. Then, she turned 19.”

On the cusp of the release of “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry,” the singer speaks to Keziah Weir for the March issue of Vanity Fair.

Vanity Fair March 2021, photographed by Quil Lemons

Only four years on from signing with her record label, Darkroom/Interscope Records, Eilish has had a meteoric rise. With her acid green roots and signature smouldering sulk, the pop icon meets Weir to discuss everything going on inside the stars mind. Body image, politics, Hans Zimmer, Donald Trump, The Office, Justin Bieber and more – Eilish and Weir leave no conversational stone left unturned. Eilish, and her talent, seem wise beyond their years. Despite the success already achieved at such a young age, Eilish’s future seems destined for even higher heights. 

Eilish is photographed by Quil Lemons, incidentally, making him the youngest photographer to shoot the cover of Vanity Fair. In a statement on his Instagram, the photographer says that “In these images, I wanted to convey a feeling of intimacy. She’s one of the world’s biggest stars everyone wants to know her. I hope you can feel a closeness to her when viewing these photographs”

Photographer Quil Lemons, courtesy of @quillemons

Whilst this may be Vanity Fair's first Eilish cover, the singer is no stranger to the pages of Condé Nast. Most recently, she's graced the cover of British GQ, and has previously had a sold out cover for Vogue US. 

Vogue US March 2020

You can get your copies of Vanity Fair March here.

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